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12/11/03 -Henderson

Two Teenagers Arrested in Tatum Accident

    Two East Texas teenage boys are charged with manslaughter and felony racing for their part in the deaths of four girls in a September accident. Thursday morning in Henderson, 18 year old David Reid and 17 year old Karl Cullen were booked into the county jail.

   "They did their investigation and found that the boys were to be held accountable for what they did" said Jim Robberson, father of victim Jaicey Robberson. Cullen turned himself in to the sheriff's office this morning, while Reid, the brother of the victim Rachel Reid, was arrested by police Wednesday night... and the arrests come as a welcome relief to parents of the victims.

  "It's a comfort to our family, and, I know, the families of the other girls, to see theres actually been some value placed on the loss of those girls lives" said Jaicey's mother Daphne Allen. State troopers say the pair were racing at over 100 miles an hour on Highway 149 the night they crashed into the car carrying the girls.  People in Tatum say even with the arrests it's something that will always be a source of sadness.

  "Well I mean I feel sorry for the family I feel sorry for the boys, but people need answers as to what went on that night" said Tatum resident Maria Leos. We tried to talk to David Reid as he bonded out today but he had no comment. Cullen remains in the Rusk County Jail on 50-thousand dollars bond. Conviction on these charges could mean 2-to-20 years in prison.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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