Mechanical Error Ruled Out In Fatal Crash

Tyler Police are narrowing in on what caused an accident on the Tyler Loop and Highway 31 three weeks ago. Three people, including a baby were killed. Kenny Gill, a city of Tyler mechanic who specializes in what police call "car autopsies", was able to break down the vehicle, isolate certain portions of the car, and determine their condition at the time of impact. What he found closed the door on many theories, but didn't necessarily bring closure for the families involved.

"Whenever we diagnose a car for a condition," Gill said, "we determine the main principals of the car, the braking, the motor, the transmission, and the electronics system of it, and none of them showed to have any major problems prior to the condition of the wreck."

The focus now shifts entirely to the final autopsy results. The preliminary results showed the 75 year old driver died of head trauma from the accident. More blood tests are expected to determine if the driver had any kind of drugs in his system at the time of the accident.

Kevin Berns, reporting.