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7 On Your Side: Illegal dump site cleaned-up

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An illegal dumpsite in Wood County has been cleaned up after a report we aired last week.

Residents in a small community, about five miles outside of Quitman say the burn ban has played a huge role in the growing trash site.

Neighbors say the area looks a lot better, but there is still work to be done.

"This is a good start to keep them out," said Gennie Gomer, Holiday Villages resident.

Sitting on a log that now serves as a road block to a dump site, Gennie Gomer says she's still skeptical.

"Chances are it's not going to stop some people that's got big pick-ups can still drive up through there," she said.

Compared to last week, Gomer admits this is a much cleaner view. She says two days after our report aired, Holiday Villages began picking up the trash. She says it took less than two days to clean-up about six months worth of garbage.

"It looks a lot better, but that is still going to have to sit out there until the burn ban goes away," she said.

"I was pleased with it because it was a quick response because it wasn't just a couple of days and they were acting out what they said they would do," said John Gomer, Holiday Villages resident.

Although John Gomer says he's appreciative, he's a bit critical of the clean up. Gomer says he's concerned that the large pile of debris will attract people to dump trash, much like it did before. However, with his criticism comes advise.

"Maybe a sign up there: if you dump you will pay a price," said Gomer.

He says that somebody will no longer be him or his neighbors.

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