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12/11/03 - Tyler

Abandoned Kitten Finds Unlikely Home

This kitten keeps herself busy, along with the employees at a Tyler insurance company. At about 8 weeks old, she's the center of attention. But she wasn't always this lucky and loved. Before she was brought to the Combined Underwriters office, this kitty lived at Sylvia Adams' apartment complex and braved the cold weather with several other cats.

"This little one here, I noticed, they kept shunning her, shunning her. She stayed pretty close to her mom, and then one day, the mom just left her," said Adams, a secretary. "She would try to eat, but the other cats wouldn't let her eat. So one night, it was pouring down rain, and she's out there meowing, meowing, so I went out there. It just drove me crazy. I said I've got to do something."

So Adams took the kitten into her home and then took her to the vet. Despite being excluded by the other cats from eating food, this little one turned out healthy. But there was one thing the vet discovered.

"She's blind," Adams said. "And it just brought tears to my eyes. And I'm just sitting here, and it was like my heart stopped.

The company's owner, Red Little, opened up the office to the blind, orphan kitty, appropriately named "Annie." Much cozier than the cold weather outside, Annie has found her home at the office and gets to take her naps in a drawer filled with a blanket and pillow.

"We all love cats and we're all big hearted," Adams said. "And she's brought a lot of joy to our hearts up here. I mean, she's just changed this office. Sometimes we think she can really see, but she can't."

"Annie" even has her own Christmas stocking.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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