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Graphic Halloween decoration scares driver, prompts emergency response

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Halloween decorations are supposed to be scary, but one just off Organ Church Road in eastern Rowan County, NC scared a driver so much that he called 911, nearly prompting a full emergency response.

The call came into Rowan County's 911 Communication Center Monday morning. 

The caller said that he saw what appeared to be a man trapped under a riding lawn mower.

Emergency responders and an ambulance were dispatched to rush to the scene, but before they could get going, someone who heard the dispatch called 911 to assure them that what the original caller saw was a Halloween decoration, not a person trapped beneath a lawnmower.

As seen in the pictures taken Monday by WBTV, the scene does appear realistic.  The blood covered arms and legs stick out from beneath a blood spattered lawn mower on a large patch of grass. 

There are no other decorations anywhere near this display.

It wasn't clear from the road just who owns the land or put up the display.  There are several mailboxes near the scene, and a long gravel driveway that appears to go to several homes off the road.

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