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Proud of East Texas: Robert & Roberta Adair

By Joan Hallmark

Robert and Roberta Adair were at an "Asian Access" conference in Japan when the earthquake hit March 11th. Secure in a mountain retreat that suffered little damage, they never dreamed that the earthquake and the tsunami that followed would be one of the most devastating disasters in history, taking over twenty thousand lives.

When the Adairs returned to Japan two months later to work in disaster relief for the non profit Christian organization "Asian Access", they saw first hand the magnitude of the destruction. Over a three month period their group tore down molding walls so people could re- build their houses, cleared streets and gutters of rotting debris, and distributed essentials like mosquito netting and bicycles for transportation. Every day there were more stories of loss. It seemed that almost everyone had lost someone dear.

As difficult as it was physically and emotionally, it was also rewarding to see people pick up pieces of their lives, rebuild their homes, and breathe clean, fresh air again. One of the Adair's best memories was the rebuilding of a neighborhood park where children laughed and played for the first time since the tsunami.

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