East Texas Soldier Comes Home From Iraq

For the last several months, students in Ore City have been writing letters to troops stationed in Iraq. One of those soldiers recently came home to East Texas and decided to make a trip to the school.

25 year old Sgt. Thomas Brigsby has spent six months fighting in Iraq. Today, he's showing his gratefulness to kids who have given him encouragement. "I want to say thank you for the cards and letters and everything you've done for us 'cause I've shared it with my friends and people I work with and they also want me to tell you thank you 'cause it really meant a lot to us," says Thomas as he spoke to the 2nd through 5th graders.

Thomas went from class to class at Ore Elementary telling them about life in Iraq. He also told them stories of life as a soldier. "If somebody's shooting at us, we find out where they're at. I get their location. If more targets come from that location, we blow it up," says Thomas. An immediate reply of, "cool" came from the listening students.

"Is it hard?," asks one little girl. "Yes it's hard," says Thomas, "it's like doing a lot of homework that you don't really understand because it's more mental."

Sergeant Thomas Brigsby will leave December 21st to go back to Iraq. He'll be there until May. Thomas was originally scheduled to be home for Christmas, instead, he switched his time off with another soldier allowing that soldier to be home for the holiday with his young family.

Amy Tatum reporting.