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Big Foot sightings in East Texas? Sort of...

By Jamey Boyum

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Saturday there will be Bigfoot sightings in Tyler.

Well, people talking about Bigfoot sightings, anyway. The 2011 Texas Bigfoot Conference is being held at Caldwell Auditorium tomorrow, but who are some of these speakers and what do they believe?

We met two of them at Tyler State Park, right in the middle of the Piney Woods. It seemed like a great place to meet them since there are those who claim they've seen some strange things lurking in the woods of East Texas, and if Bigfoot is in a state park, that's pretty smart. He'd be protected. Not that anyone's seen him here.

Dr Ian Redmond is a Tropical Field Biologist who studied mountain gorillas for decades.

Dr Jeff Meldrum is an Associate Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State.

"Some of my scientist colleagues might be surprised that I would come and speak at a conference like this, but I think having a closed mind is not being a scientist. You have to say show me the evidence. People ask me if I believe in Bigfoot. It's not a religion; it's either a species or a myth. And we need to investigate which it is," said Dr. Redmond.

And, sometimes myths bring forth those who would propagate those myths by walking around with fake big feet.

"Not only then are we faced with the prospect of interpreting the data, but we first have to evaluate its credibility. And, of course, that gives grist to the skeptics who would simply dismiss this topic offhandedly. But, I'm quite convinced that there is solid evidence that certainly at a minimum justifies our serious consideration of this subject, if not demonstrate the actual existence of an unrecognized species of primate. I'm not out to convince anyone of one position or the other, but rather to present the evidence that I've experienced, that I've evaluated. To my colleagues that they can likewise evaluate it." said Dr. Meldrum.

Perhaps one day the Sasquatch, Bigfoot, will become a flagship species for a natural habitat in North America which is protected because there is Bigfoot habitat, but we're not there yet," said Dr. Redmond.

One thing is certain, Sasquatch researchers have a much more extensive vocabulary than they did a decade ago.

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