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Man survives 6 days in ravine after car crash

CASTAIC, CA (CNN) - A California man who survived for days at the bottom of a ravine after a car crash is in serious condition.

Last Friday, 67-year-old David Lavau crashed his car on a winding road in California, and ended up at the bottom of a 200 foot ravine.

Lavau survived by eating leaves and drinking creek water.

His family was determined to find him. And remarkably, after six days of searching, they did!

"I saw my dad's car, and of course my heart dropped. And I realized, oh my God. I could not see how to get down I just could not figure it out. I said, 'Dad we're gonna be there, we're gonna be there.' And he was just was crying and crying," recalled David's son Sean.

Lavau has multiple rib fractures, a broken arm and multiple fractures in his back.

Doctors say his life is no longer in danger.

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