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Cooler today but fire danger still high

TYLER,TX (KLTV) - A cold front moved through the area this morning bringing in a very cool air mass, the coolest of this early fall season. After high temperatures approaching 100 degrees yesterday, today will be much closer to where we should be temperature wise for this time of the year.

During our first tease of fall weather earlier this month, many people across East Texas assumed the fire danger was lower due to the lower temperatures. This is not the case. Today's fire danger will actually be higher today than it was yesterday thanks to the drier air and stronger winds. During the first half of the day the winds will be gusting over 20 mph at times. When you combine this with the extremely dry vegetation and lower relative humidity, the fire danger will be very high. The winds will die down later today, but so will the humidity. By 5PM we will likely see relative humidity levels between 15 and 20 percent. Even with lighter wind speeds, any fire could easily get out of control in these conditions.

So remember to be extra careful if you are out and about this evening. Remember not to flick cigarette butts on the ground as this can easily spark a fire. Also, remember if you are driving off road avoid areas with tall vegetation. Your automobile muffler could spark a fire on dry vegetation as you drive over off road. And if you decide to grill today, make sure it is in a closed grill and maintain eye contact at all times. Do not use open BBQ pits as rising ambers could ignite tree fires. Also, be sure to check with your county to make sure you can grill outdoors. Many counties are only allow propane so be sure before you grill.

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