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Surprising hero saves lost pup

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - What started off as a morning walk turned into a 26-hour search involving more than a dozen volunteers.

Tucker, a therapet, spends the majority of his time visiting hospitals, providing therapy for patients. But When a daily walk went wrong, it was Tucker that ended up needing the help.

"Therapet dogs work with people that are handicapped," Tucker's owner, Jill McIntyre, says. "They're mainly just trying to make people happier and help them with their therapy.

Jill and Tucker were on their daily walk Wednesday morning when Tucker spotted something.

"He just jerked the leash out and ran after the deer, trying to get the deer and then he got in the woods," Jill says.

She says she yelled a lot for him and several people came out to help.

"Hollytree gave us some golf carts to look for him and I called one of the therapet girls and asked her to put it out to the therapet people and she put it up on the internet," Jill says.

Even with all of those people searching, no one could find Tucker. Tammie Heisch, who has a therapet herself, heard about what happened and knew she had to help.

"I laid awake all night last night wondering what I would do if that was my dog and I thought well, we have to at least try," Tammy says.

Tammie's dog, Anabelle does not have any tracking experience or training.

"I knew it was a long shot, but I thought it was better than no shot at all," she says.

Jill have Anabelle one of Tucker's towels, hoping she would pick up his scent. Fifteen minutes later...

"I could tell there was just an ever so slightly change in her demeanor and I looked up and there was Tucker," Tammie says.

A night of worry was wiped away.

"His leash was wrapped real tight around a tree; he couldn't move so he's a lucky dog that Anabelle came to his rescue," Jill says.

"The first thing I did was get down and hug Anabelle and told her she's my favorite dog," Jill says.

Another sign that a dog really is man's best friend.

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