Jackson Heights Community Gets Better Fire Protection

Fire protection for an East Texas community is getting a big boost, with a new fire truck.

The Jackson Heights Volunteer Fire Department in Eastern Smith County is getting a federal grant of more than $150,000 to buy the new truck. A representative from Senator John Cornyn's office made the presentation Tuesday morning.

An old yellow fire truck will be replaced, since it's been in service for decades. Firefighters say it will make folks living in that part of Smith County safer.

"It will help the citizens in many ways. We can do fire supression and fire prevention with the truck. Also, we will help lower homeowners' insurance in the area," says Chief  Manoen Terence Thompson.

"The fire truck they are replacing is over thirty years old, and has seen many days of service. And it's time for it to be replaced," says Smith County Fire Marshal Jim Seaton.

There's no word on when the new fire truck will be delivered. Last year, the department got another federal grant to buy new firefighting gear.