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Time running out for holiday jobs

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With hard times, seasonal jobs are in high demand.

"As the economy dips, I've seen a lot of people that maybe had better jobs before coming here," says Robert Aylor of Best Buy.

"Even though it would be a temporary job for them, it's very lucrative, it provides income for a period of time," said Stephen Lynch with Workforce Solutions.

If you plan on landing that seasonal job, you better get ready for the challenge. During the economic recovery, many retailers are cutting back.

Lynch says, "There will be less positions, perhaps they want to get these people on early. Get them trained and in place"

Toys R Us plans to hire 40,000 workers, Macy's to employ 78,000. Best Buy will only take on 15,000. Down from 29,000 from last year. But we made a stop by the Best Buy in Tyler, and they say they are going strong.

"We're pretty much on par to what we hired for last year. So ours hasn't really changed at al," Aylor explained.

Manager Robert Aylor says his store plans to hire about 50,000 for seasonal jobs, "We need them because we see an incredible increase in traffic"

But, he warns you not to take your time.

Aylor says they're already hiring.

But the clock has a few ticks left.

"Get your application in early," Aylor advises.

"If they wait toward the end of October or that time, those jobs will not be available,: says Lynch.

Sometimes, those seasonal jobs can turn into something permanent.

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