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Troup FFA students help malnourished horses

TROUP, TX (KLTV) - A group of Troup High School students involved in FFA have played a huge role in helping rehabilitate a dozen malnourished horses.

While the city came up with the funds to nurse the horses back to health, the students showed the animals love and compassion.

A month ago, FFA student Chance Cox says he couldn't approach the horse they call sweetie pie.

Now, she's his tour guide around the arena.

"When we first came out here the first time they were really skinny. You could see their ribs and they were kind of laying their heads down low like they were all worn out and stuff from not having any food or water," says Chance.

What Chance describes is exactly why officials say they decided to seize the horses.

Troup City Manager Jed Dillingham says the students' time and affection has worked wonders, "Their demeanor just seems to be so much improved. They seem to be happy horses and that gives me a good feeling that we were in a position where could do something to make a difference for those animals."

The students have spent hours brushing the horses.

Kyle Johnson says the best part is seeing a difference, "It's just been really cool because it's just a chance to do something for the community.

Student Tanner Emery has unexpectedly grown close to the horse he calls "Camel Back."

He says it'll be tough when the horses will soon go to their new, adopted homes.

"I'm going to miss Camel. I'm going to miss this Camel Back really bad because it's always making me laugh just to watch it out there. Just the fact that it looks like a camel with a horse's head. It's kind of cute though in a way," says Tanner.

"I think these horses have a bright future ahead of them now," expressed Dillingham.

A future these students have been so a part of making happen.

The student's FFA teacher says she gave chance permission to ride the horse Sweetie Pie.

As of right now, all of the horses have adopted families they will soon live with.

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