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Special moment for ETX homecoming queen

UNION GROVE, TX (KLTV) - A senior class rallied together to help one of their class mates win homecoming queen.

For Kayla Sexton Homecoming 2011 is a day she will never forget.

"You should have seen her at the game---she was pumped. I was in the very back and you could hear her screaming and laughing and she was so excited and so was everyone else around me," recalled student Lane Williams.

Thanks to two girls, everyone at Union Grove High School did their part by voting for Kayla Sexton.

"She's been here for a long time and we just wanted to give her a really good senior year," said student Darla Parsons.

"Our goal was to get her nominated for duchess and from there go to queen, if we could," explained Williams.

Williams says through social media they were able to spread the word quickly since they only had a week and a half to campaign.

"Darla made the Facebook page and that's when she added all her friends. I added all of mine... and then we had 70 attending---which is bigger than our class. So, we got really pumped about it," said Williams.

So pumped that Kayla won by a landslide come homecoming, making her the queen.

"I was tearing up. I was so excited for her. She was so happy and I could hear her down there and she was so happy," Parsons said.

School officials say Kayla received about 75 percent of the votes for homecoming queen.

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