Two Police Officers Stabbed With Syringe

Three Tyler police officers were assaulted over the weekend.  Two of them were stabbed with a hypodermic needle. It happened when the officers stopped to investigate a vehicle behind the old Movies Six on East Front Sunday morning.

Police say the suspect appeared to be drunk and had drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. When officers tried to apprehend him, he grabbed the syringe and stabbed officers Dale Feuquay  and Steve Black in the hand.

Now, those officers are on medication.

"Whenever you have a needle stick that these officers suffered, they're immediately going to be put on antibiotics and anti-HIV prophylaxes. And, they're going to stay on those hiv drugs until such time as we know if there was any contaminant on the needle," says Tyler Police Officer Chris Moore.

29-year-old Shane Ray Dykes of Chandler was arrested and is charged with three first degree felony counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.