Fire Destroys Teenagers' Home

Two Tyler teenagers lose most of their belongings after a fire breaks out at their home. The fire started at a one-story garage apartment on North Fuller Ave. Sixteen-yearold Cecilia Verduzco, her infant, and the baby's 19-year-old father were not home at the time. Fire officials say a ruptured gas line in the wall was likely where the fire began. They say an electric heater left on while the tenants were out might have ignited the blaze.

"I was going to go to do laundry and I left the heater on. I didn't know it was going to cause a fire," said Verduzco.

Fire officials say this is an all-too common problem. They advise you to turn off any appliances, like a space heater, that might catch on fire when you're not home.

Julie Tam, reporting.