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Burn ban leads to trashing East Texas

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas neighborhood says they are tired of people dumping trash and debris in their backyard.

The fire dangers brought out the burn ban and as a result more people trashing East Texas.

Residents in the Holiday Village community, off Hwy 154 near Quitman, say the pile of trash has multiplied over the past few months.

Neighbors say they will dig through the trash until they find evidence leading to the culprits.

From bottles of beer to a thrown out picnic table to household garbage and piles of debris can be found here.

Neighbor Jim Doolen says, "Here's a lot of bags of leaves that people can't burn. So what do they do? They just bag them up and throw them out here. "

Doolen says this is a growing eye sore for the neighborhood he chose to retire in.

But people are trashing the place residents like Doolen once proudly called home.

"It's a disgrace to our community. It's not healthy and we feel something should be done about it", expressed Doolen.

The Wood County Sheriff' Office says the county's litter abatement officer has been investigating this site for two weeks.

Resident John Gomer has also been looking for a culprit by digging through someone else's trash.

"When you get caught dumping you shouldn't get a warning because you're going to come back and do it again. You do the crime, you pay," says Gomer.

Neighbors say they know the burn ban is fueling the problem, but they say it's not an excuse.
Doolen says, "It's going to continue to get worse, and I can only imagine what it's going to be like six months from now because it's still dry and I believe this burn ban might last a lot longer than we imagine."

"Burn ban or no burn ban, it doesn't give you the right to dispose of your garbage in such a manner," says Gomer.

Gomer hopes this will stop so he no longer has to rummage through others trash.

Monday afternoon, the Wood County Sheriff's Office sent another deputy over to the dumping site to take a look.

They say they will continue to investigate until they find a solution.

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