Two Die in Longview House Fire

The worst of the fires broke out early this morning in Longview. Two people died when they were trapped inside their home.
It was around 4:30 this morning that crews were called for a working fire at a home on brown street... With two people trapped inside. ((we knew we have at least two people in this home when we arrived on scene...)) the old wood frame home was destroyed in munites, and investigators say the people who lived here may not have had smoke alarms. ((this fire had been going for a while and went undected.)) longtime resident 84 year old Tommy Lee Jamerson and her 62 year old son Charlie Jamerson were killed in the blaze. ((in an all too familar scenario for firefighters, it's cold and people want to keep warm, and a space heater is very likely the cause of this blaze.)) ((many cases we find that those are problems and they initiate the fire or cause the fire.)) Many who knew the jamersons were shocked by the news. Investigators say Charlie Jamerson may hvae tried to get his mother out of the home, and lost his life in the process. It remains under investigation.

Bob hallamrk channel 7 news.