Church Attracts Different Crowd

They come from all walks of life. Some are working ranch hands, some are weekend warriors on the rodeo circuit, some are just looking for a place to worship. It's a different kind of service and a different kind of church but the churches interim pastor says it works.

"There's an interest in that culture, in that lifestyle and we think because of the interest in that culture that the potential for Crossbrand church, a ministry that would cater to the needs of that culture, are just endless," says Mike Morrow, interim pastor, Crossbrand Cowboy Church.

Since April, the cowboy church has opened it's doors to the cowboys and cowgirls of East Texas. It's a come as you are church, where the message trumps all. Church leaders say the goal is to reach cowboys, but anyone is welcome.

"What we try to focus on is those people that make a living out their punching cows," Morrow says. "But at the same time if we're simple enough to reach that man, if we're open enough to reach that culture then we'll get anybody."

It's a simple message, rooted in a simple way of life.  The Crossbrand Cowboy Church meets every Wednesday and Sunday at a facility they rent off of Highway 155 South. In the future, they're hoping to find around 15 acres of land in Smith County to build a permanent church.

Chris gibson, reporting