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Debris from satellite may fall over North America

(KLTV) - A NASA weather satellite is going to come crashing down to Earth at some point over the next 24 hours.

Are people worried?

Skeptics are questioning what, if anything, they should do.

Some are looking to the skies wondering if there's anything to worry about?

"We've already had enough natural disasters we don't need anything else," said Willette Williams.

There's a slight chance that debris from the six-ton satellite could call over North America, so should we get ready?

With technology and brilliant NASA minds, how can we make a satellite that won't stay up?

"You get constantly some drag on these low Earth orbit satellites they are constantly deteriorating and eventually they will enter the earths atmosphere," explained LeTourneau University Physics Professor Dr. Steven Ball, "Neutonian orbital you could predict exactly where it was going to come down."

"It's going to come down," says Ball.

So you just do what you can to stay out of the way.

There's even a Las Vegas betting line on where the satellite will come down.

If you want to keep up with the satellite, head to the Big Red Box and click on the Satellite Tracker link.

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