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Students raise money for wildfire victims

UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The wildfires we've seen this month have given teenagers in one East Texas community a new outlook on life.

For some students, the fire brought destruction for their fellow classmates.

Now, "homecoming" has a whole new meaning at Harmony ISD.

Earlier this month, a massive fire burned through the Raintree Lake subdivision--charring trees and reducing homes to piles of burnt rubble.

For this year's homecoming week, students at Harmony High School decided to shake things up a bit.

They decided they would try any way possible to raise money. From a bake sale, an early morning breakfast, and one class even tossed in the living room sofa.

Spanish teacher Veronica Austin even came up with one clever way to get kids to pay up.

"If they wished to use their portable electronic device, iPhone, iPod, mp3 player in my class, they could pay me five dollars for a week or ten dollars for three weeks. And needless to say, there were many takers on that," exclaimed Austin.

Students even raised some cash to see one teacher kiss a pig. But don't wasn't Ms. Austin.

With a modest goal of a thousand dollars, students were speechless when they learned they had raised a whopping $13,303.06.

And the students hope giving back is a new homecoming tradition.

The school will present the money to victims in the very near future. Students hope this will inspire younger generations to also "give back."

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