High Winds Blow Through East Texas

High winds caused problems for many East Texans Friday. Flags on the loop in Tyler were whipping up a storm as the cold winter winds blew through. Gusts of up to 30 mph made things uncomfortable for many folks. Whether working or trying to fit in a game of golf, everyone had their own opinion about how to deal with it.

"It has been giving us problems," builder Steve Ingrem said. "You do the best to try and button it up but you can only do so much."
"You've got to learn to keep that ball low when it's windy," said golfer Ed Barret. "If you get it up high, you're toast."

"When the wind starts blowing, everybody thinks I need something pretty hanging from the trees or the chimes to ding and ding," said Angie Swinford, manager "In the Wind". "It's nice.  We like those things, we enjoy that."

There were some wind advisories issued earlier Friday, but those were dropped by late afternoon. While they did cause problems for some, businesses like "In the Wind" in Tyler, which sells wind chimes, flags and wind socks, actually saw an increase in sales.

Chris Gibson, reporting