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Rage erupts over Facebook changes

(RNN) - Stop me if you've heard this one: "Facebook has executed more 'change' than Obama."

So says a popular Twitter post that made the rounds Wednesday after Facebook users woke up to a Facebook they neither recognized nor "liked."

And this time, the complainers may have a point.

The world's largest social networking site unleashed the brand new wave of updates on its 750 million users Tuesday night - and opened the floodgates to user rage.

"At this point, it looks more like New Coke of 1985," said Ronnie Rivera of Pensacola, FL.

While Facebook changes are always met with characteristic backlash and an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, users seem to be more vehemently vocal this update.

Shortly after the launch, users took to their Facebook walls (irony, anyone?) to protest the changes to their Facebook feeds.

"Anything but user friendly. Hate it," said Linda Wofford Weber of Bellevue, TN.

They also blew up Twitter, creating a trending topic dedicated to informing users about how to switch the account settings back. Changing languages to UK English bought users a few more hours of "old" Facebook before the social networking site fixed the loophole.

One of the changes includes a ticker sidebar that acts as a live feed of all your friends' activities, sometimes exposing their comments or "likes" on pages of people who aren't mutual friends, fueling privacy concerns.

"I don't like the idea that some of my friends [are] reading every single thing I comment on, when they may not even know the person I am commenting to. Where is the privacy in that?!" said Jennifer Rochelle Holbomb via WSMV's Facebook page.

While users often protest changes to their Facebook profiles, many are putting action to their complaints, saying enough is enough.

"I am considering deactivating my account. This has gotten too out of hand. It was fine just the way it was," said Hanna K. Evins of Weiner, AR.

An ongoing poll on Mashable showed that nearly 73 percent of voters "hate" the updates, nearly 14 percent "love it" and another 14 percent were neutral.

If history is any indication, it won't be the last change Facebook users will weather.

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"Really don't care for new look. I'm sure in [a] couple [of] weeks everyone will just get used to it and then they will change it again," said Jennifer Hughes Jeffers.

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