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Fifth grader saves cousin

QUITMAN, TX (KLTV) - What could have had a horrible ending, turned out to be a story of heroism for one 11-year-old little boy in Wood County.

"We could see the blood had gone down into the boot so I knew it was bad," says Deitra Bizzell, Grace's mother.

Zane and Grace are cousins. They are in the same grade and they even attend the same school. They love exploring the woods behind Zane's home, but one afternoon adventure took a turn for the worst.

They were climbing a tree to get to a deer stand when Grace slipped, a metal spike catching her leg on the way down.

After looking at the seriousness of her injury, Zane knew he could not leave her, a decision the Alba Fire Chief told Zane's parents was impressive.

"Sometimes the person who went and got help can't remember where they were. So they they're having to hunt for them and in the meantime the person could be seriously injured. This is the only case he could think of, where especially with kids, a couple of fifth graders kept a cool head and were able to be carried back to safety," says Zane's mom, Shelle Smith.

"First, I picked her up and tried to carry her. I carried her for a while, but she said it started to hurt and I couldn't really walk any further, so that's when I put her down and just held it and started walking with her," Zane says.

When they finally reached the house, Zane's father knew Grace needed a hospital, but Zane had suddenly disappeared. After calling for him several times, Zane got in the car. At the hospital, Zane's dad asked him what took him so long.

"He told me he was behind the pool praying. He had turned it over to God and put it in his hands, Gracie's health and everything. That right there showed me a lot of character about him and what his priorities really are and made me proud as a parent," says Derek Smith, Zane's father.

Grace received more than 100 stitches but, miraculously no muscles or nerves were damaged.

"The surgeon actually said if it had hit the artery, they would have not made it out of the woods," says Grace's mom.

When asked what her friends at school had to say about her injury, Grace said they asked her how she was doing, but "they were mostly on Zane telling him how romantic he was...he is my hero," Grace says.

Alba Fire and Rescue is so impressed with Zane's actions that they will present him with a Valor Award on September 24 at the County Fair in Alba.

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