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Pets rescued after Bear Creek fire

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - The huge Bear Creek fire took a toll on more than just property and homes in Cass and Marion Counties. Pets were victims, too.

Many are still waiting for their owners to find them. Shortly after the Bear Creek fire , dogs and cats began to show up abandoned or injured, and dropped off to the Jefferson Animal Clinic.

"Animals were being dropped off not only were the phones ringing with people wanting help with their animals but they were walking in the door with their animals" says Jefferson veterinarian  Carol Hedges.

With no animal shelter in Cass or Marion Counties, Marion County humane society president Caroline Wedding took it on herself to care for the lost pets.

"They're lost souls, in this situation left to more or less fend for themselves," Wedding says.

Many were burned badly in the fires.

"A number of puppies we found had melted tar on them, cats had burned paws, noses burned off, required quite a bit of medical attention," Wedding says.

Some of the animals were found by volunteers just sitting in a pile of ashes that may have once been their home.

"Many of them were found in ashes waiting for their owners to come back," says Wedding.

 Some may simply have been left or turned out by their owners.

"We may have them here, these animals need to be claimed," Hedges says.

Purina has donated 23,000 pounds of pet food to take care of the animals in the meantime. For information on the lost animals you are asked to call the Jefferson Animal Clinic.

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