Dump Truck Hit By Train in Longview

An accident involving a train and a dump truck in Longview had many witnesses using the term miraculous.

"All of the sudden I get around the corner and I saw dust fly, see the train coming this way" said witness James Young.  Around 11 this morning, 55 year old Rodger Cox was driving a dump truck carrying a load of gravel when he was hit as he crossed the tracks at F-M 2087 by an oncoming train.

"I pulled up on him and he got hit by the train and he thrown to the side of the road, dust went everywhere and he just looked like he was dead" according to passing motorist Megan Deal. The truck was upended and thrown clear of the tracks. Witnesses rushed to Cox's aid, to find him upside down and on his cell phone.

"When I got there the guy was on the phone to his boss and when he hung up with him he called his wife... And I asked him 'has he called 9-1-1?' and he said 'not yet'," said witness Keithon  Reed.

Cox was freed from the truck, which suffered massive damage... But all who witnesses the accident were amazed he only received minor injuries. Cox told state troopers that his brakes had failed and he couldn't stop his truck. But those who saw it saw someone was looking out for him today. The accident remains under investigation.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.