Brownsboro Students "Stepping" to Fitness

Brownsboro Junior High kicked off its "Step With It" program this morning. More than 400 students will get a Stepometer. The clip-on pedometer will track how many steps they take each day. The school is offering awards and prizes for students who take at least 10,000 steps a day. They say that's equivalent to about 5 miles of walking. School administrators want to encourage students to get more active daily.

"I've seen them over the last few years seem to get a little heavier, but I wouldn't say obese. I just think they're not as active as they should be. And that's what we want to promote, physical activity and in the right way," said Jana Snider, student council co-sponsor at Brownsboro Junior High.

The competition between students and faculty starts Monday. The program is sponsored by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Tyler. Brownsboro Junior High is the first school in East Texas to jump on board with the new program.

Julie Tam, reporting.