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Possible changes for US Postal Service

(KLTV) - It's possible that in the near future your mail may take a little longer to be delivered.

Monday President Obama said he endorsed reducing the US Postal Service delivery to five days.

Small business owner Valerie Smith says the more days the US Postal Service is up and running, the better.

"We have a shopping car online and if its 2 lbs or less I always take advantage of their 2 pound box I think its great deal and a genius way to spur on use with the postal service," said Valerie Smith, wants postal service to run six days a week.

President Obama announced he supported cutting US Postal Service deliveries to just five days a week to help cut its massive losses.

"What it means for me is that I'm going to have to pay for my bills a little sooner and be able to budget and do some forecasting a little bit earlier than I traditionally have," said Smith.

Valerie says she usually does her mailing on Fridays during the week.

"As a small business owner I do check runs on Fridays so that means my payments are not going to go anywhere on Saturday and I'm going to have to wait until Monday for them to move," Smith.

The government considered cutting Saturday, but Valerie thinks Saturday is the wrong day to cut.

"I really think that the Saturday mail is also a time for housewives to get their mail pay their bills put all of those things in so they can get ready for another week of school, kids and works  if they were going to choose a day I'd rather see them do a Wednesday," said Smith.

Though Valerie hopes they don't cut any days.

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