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ETX celebrity gets street named after her

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - She has come and gone, and now this East Texas celebrity is back to stay. Smith County has welcomed this star back, by changing the name of the street she grew up on, after her.

VirLinda Stanton, of the Shady Grove Community couldn't believe she was actually holding a street name that was in her name.

"I just thank God to live to see this," says Stanton.

After sending out a petition, to all the neighbors, the Smith County Commissioner, Joann Hampton, found that Stanton truly is a star in the community.

"Anytime that we have someone that grew up in our community that has gone off and come back and had great success we want to recognize them for their hard work in the community," says Hampton.  

Stanton has performed numerous of plays and musicals, including The Color Purple, which she feels it touches people of all kind.

"No matter what the race is we've all been through the struggle, and we all needed to see something like that to give us hope, to give us inspiration, that we don't have to hold on to that we can now let it go," says Stanton.

Hercules, Toy Story and The Lion King are just a few Disney performances she traveled and sang with.

Her mother, Antoinette Hackett says, "God has blessed her with a voice that has carried her a lot of places."

"I am so gracious and so thankful, that God, he's opened so many doors for me," says Stanton.  

With family and friends present, the changing of County Road 310 East and West, became VirLinda Street.

VirLinda Stanton says she wants to continue her singing and performing career, but will now reside in east Texas.

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