Community Spotlight: Boys and Girls Club

Community Spotlight: Boys and Girls Club

By Pat Stacey

The percentage of Americans living below the poverty level is on the rise.  Census data reveals that fifteen percent of all Americans live below the poverty level and twenty-two percent of all children are below the poverty level as well.

East Texas is by no means immune to these sobering facts.  And the one that is highly bothersome is that twenty-two percent children statistic – that's one in five.  Children are, by far, the silent suffers of the poverty situation.

So we, as a community, need to rally to support our young lives and inspire them to understand that they don't have to be a statistic, that they can overcome many of life's challenges and that living with these types of hurdles can be avoided.  That is why we are selecting the Boys and Girls Clubs of East Texas as KLTV's community Spotlight for September.

KLTV is part of a group of supporting businesses that are, once again, helping bring the Day For Kids to Bergfeld Park on September 24.  This is a special day that magnifies fun for kids and families and our hope is that the message of the Boys and Girls Clubs will be heard.

Admission to the Day for Kids is free but the need is great and you can find out more on supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs by going to our website, KLTV dot com where you will links for the local clubs.  The Boys and Girls Clubs, making a difference for our children and KLTV's Community Spotlight for September.