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Suspect shot, killed after pointing gun at deputies

HARRISON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An early morning disturbance call escalated to a standoff, then gunfire, and the man who allegedly started it all is dead.

Around two a.m., Harrison County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the 3,400 block of CR 3424, in the Lansing Switch area of western Harrison County.

Investigators say the suspect held deputies at bay for nearly six hours, before allegedly pointing a gun, forcing them to return fire.

Officer Jay Webb says deputies ordered 44 year-old Richard Owen Dean to drop the gun, "He then raised the gun to his head and clicked the gun."

It did not go off.

"The deputies then retreated and ordered him to drop the weapon," says Webb.

Instead, Dean jumped into a pickup truck and drove behind a barn where deputies couldn't see him.

They called for backup and eventually found him barricaded in a mobile home, where he stayed for nearly six hours.

Deputies say the only time they saw Dean was when he came to the window to put a gun to his head and the time he released a dog.

"When he opened the window and threw the dog out he withdrew the curtain again," Webb recalled, "He had a very angry look, very disturbed look on his face and this is according to deputies. He was very emotionally charged at that time....We had information he had been drinking since the previous day.  And, we had information from the family that whenever he becomes intoxicated he becomes violent"

Deputies report when Dean reappeared in the window, it was for the last time.

"He was told several times he could just walk out. He then turned toward deputies and positioned himself in the window and pointed his gun straight at the deputies. When he pointed the gun at the deputies, they fired at him," says Webb.

Authorities say that Dean's gun was loaded.

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