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NJ man leaves wife and house to join circus

ALBANY, GA - Did you know that clowns in the circus have to go to school. They're trained in makeup, skits and how to bring joy to others.

But what causes someone to become a clown and join the circus?  Some say bringing joy and smiles is all worth it in the end. 

Behind the big hats, makeup and shoes is a real person. "Clowning changed my life in a sense that I found life."

64-year-old Julius Carallo son lost his life, years later he divorced his wife. Now Carallo sleeps in his van.

He  hasn't always been fooling around. For years, Carallo worked in the printing business. But all that stopped, once his oldest kid was killed.

"My oldest son Paul was murdered in Sacramento California. That took me out of my printing environment pretty quickly, I changed," he said.

Then the smiling stopped and the medication started. "Once I chose the path to be free and join the circus. Now I'm up early and on no medication," said Carallo. 

The joy of it all was more than the love, he had for his wife. "I still love my wife Arlene, but we both know that my path has changed," he said.

Now he travels from city to city, nine months out the year clowning. And he calls a 2007 Toyota Van, home sweet home. " This is where I sleep and where I feel like I'm king," said Carallo.

If you would like to reach Carallo for a show call (908) 337-4127.

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