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12/02/03, Scroggins, TX

Honoring East Texas Soldiers In A Unique Way

An East Texas couple is doing something a little unusual to honor those serving in our military. Larry and Martha Black own Little Creek Farms in Scroggins, Texas which is in southern Franklin County. They raise goats. This year, they decided to name every baby goat after a service man or woman defending our country. The first one was named "Freedom." Now, they have about 60 little ones running around.

At first, they were concerned the soldiers might take offense to being named after a goat, but they soon learned the gesture was appreciated. Martha says, "Every time I get a letter back from one of them, it's like Christmas. The first letter we got back actually asked for two goats named in his honor. He named one 'Angels' in honor of his comrades that had lost their lives over there and the other one is named 'Patriot' in honor of the people in the United States that are behind them in the war effort."

After each goat is named, the Blacks send a letter letting the solider or their family know about the honor. They also add their name to a big sign in front of their house and place a little U.S. flag on their lawn. The row of flags continues to grow.

Right now, they are in need of more names and addresses.  If you have someone serving in the military that you would like a goat named after, just send them an e-mail at blackent@netex.quik.com or give Larry or Martha Black a call 903-860-7020.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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