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Administrator announces students' academic progress, apologizes

FRUITVALE, TX (KLTV)-- At Fruitvale ISD, the principal reportedly announced which junior high and high school students would have to attend after-school tutorials because their grades weren't up to par.

The administration apologized, but parents said they worry repercussions may not be over yet.

"When [my daughter] explained to me that the principal announced students names that were failing over the intercom my first reaction was mouth wide open, what? are you kidding?" Bryan McGlothlin said.

McGlothlin said his daughter's name wasn't one of the ones announced, but regardless he is still concerned.

"How is that one person who's name is announced going to feel? And how are they going to feel the next day and the day after? How are the students going to react and treat them?," he said.

The Fruitvale ISD superintendent declined to talk on camera, but said the administration recognized the mistake and immediately started trying to fix it.

She said they apologized to the students over that same intercom, called parents and sent a letter home explaining what happened and why.

"The administrator has apologized to the student body for his announcement, has made parent phone calls, as well as a letter was sent home notifying them of the situation," Fruitvale ISD Superintendent Jennifer Jones said.

She said the principal had every intention of helping these students by making sure they attended tutorials and never meant to cause any harm.

"It's unfortunate that it happened, but this is a small town and everyone knows everyone and eventually the students will be able to make amends and go about their way," Laniese White said.

"[The principal] is strong with the students, he has good directions and that just doesn't seem like something that would come from him," McGlothlin said.

School board members-- who also declined to speak on camera-- said because this is the principal's first year at Fruitvale ISD they hope people will be forgiving and not let this ruin the district's reputation.

We contacted the Texas Education Agency about this incident. They said what happened could be a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, but also said that decision would be up to the U.S. Department of Education if the issue was ever brought before them.

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