Lottery Players Looking Toward "Mega-Millions" in New Game

Lottery players in Texas are seeing Mega-Millions for the first time. The multi-state lottery started selling tickets today.

Texas has joined ten other states selling the high-jackpot tickets. Mega-Millions will draw numbers on Tuesdays and Friday's at 10 p.m. The regular Lotto Texas drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays will continue. East Texans buying their first Mega-Millions tickets today say they're excited about the new game, and they have big plans for the first jackpot this Friday -- $44 million.

"I think it would be really great.  It would be something different, and hopefully I'll be the first winner," says player Joe Bozeman.

"$44 million is a lot of money. The first thing I'd do is pay off all my tuition at school, and take care of my mom and dad -- take care of those who took care of me," said hopeful winner Wesley Hayden.

You can see the first Mega-Millions numbers Friday night during Channel 7 News at Ten.