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"Does It Work?" - 12/02/03

Flip Fold: "Does It Work?"

Do you find yourself flipping coins to decide who has to do the laundry? Maybe a game of rock, paper, scissors? Well those days could be over if this week's "Does It Work?" product works as advertised.

You've probably seen the Flip Fold on TV. A couple of flips and your folding is done. We took this little gadget to a couple of "professional folders" who put it to the "Does It Work?" test.

The box says it's the "ultimate laundry folder". "Folds any item in 5 seconds." "Good for dress shirts, t-shirts, polos, pants and towels"... all items Belinda and her staff at the Laundry Room in Tyler fold everyday.

We set up a race between Belinda and co-worker Zeta to see if the Flip Fold lives up to any of its claims. Belinda will use the Flip Fold. Zeta will fold by hand as she always does.

The instructions make it seam easy enough. Just put the shirt face down on the board, fold up the end flush with the bottom of the flip fold. Fold one side. Fold the other and fold up from the bottom.

Our first shirt took a little more than 5 seconds... 7 in this first try. But the shirt looks perfect.

In our race, Zeta beat Belinda and the Flip Fold by one shirt. But wait... Zeta is the first to concede... Belinda's Flip Fold shirts look a lot better. "They look neater... a lot. I like it," says Zeta.

The ladies were so impressed, Belinda says she's buying some Flip Folds for the Laundry Room. "Yes sir. It works."

The Flip Fold costs about 15 dollars online. But you can find it at local discount department stores for about 8 dollars.

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