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12/02/03 - Tyler

Investigators Get No Leads from Crash Autopsy, Now Focus on Car

Autopsy reports are back on an elderly man who crashed through three Tyler intersections last Friday, but there are still many unanswered questions as to why it happened.

The early autopsy reports show 75-year-old Billy Joe Hall died from blunt force trauma he suffered in the car crash.  The medical examiner also showed Hall had heart disease, but according to the report -- there is not enough evidence to determine if he did or did not have a heart attack.

Hall, his wife, and a baby in another car all died in the accident. Hall was driving his Cadillac at speeds up to one hundred miles an hour according to police when the accident happened on Loop 323.

Tonight, police still aren't sure exactly why or how the accident happened.

"We still have toxicology that will show if there is anything in his bloodstream that might have caused the accident, or if there was any mental incapacity. All we really have now is that there was immediate blunt force trauma that caused the death," says Tyler Police officer Chris Moore.

Tyler Police are having Hall's car examined by a technician to see if the accelerator might have gotten stuck, or if any other mechanical problem contributed to what happened.

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