Success Story: Blind, Albino 11-Year-Old Boy

"It's a telescope, and it helps me see things that are far away, like the chalkboard. The large-print textbooks, those are to help me with my reading. And the small-print books, those are just too small and the contrast with the writing, it's too bright," said Cesar Lopez, who is albino and legally blind.

But this sixth grader doesn't let that slow him down. He just works harder. His teachers praise his efforts.

"He does take full responsibility for his learning in that prior to the beginning of school, he came over to meet his teachers and wanted to familiarize himself with his locker, his classroom, and all of that," said Sandra Owens, Cesar's math teacher.

Just the kind of student who would be in the top 3-percent of his class... Cesar plays the flute in the Hubbard Middle School band. He says memorizing his music is more of a necessity for him than for his classmates because the notes are too small for him to easily read. Just getting around during the day is a challenge for Cesar.

"It slows me down because I have to be sure that I don't hit anything. It just makes me seem a bit clumsy," said Lopez.

This ambitious 11-year-old already has his eyes set on becoming a biologist.

"Science just inspires me to learn new things that happen and things that need to be explained," said Lopez.

Owens said, "He's overcome that disability and he's excelling in all that he's doing."

And the motivation comes from within himself. Cesar's mom says he likes to play basketball and is also interested in learning golf. Aside from school and all his other activities, Cesar also spends a lot of time with his Play Station.

Julie Tam, reporting.