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Rodent droppings, and old food; Restaurant Reports are in

Old rodent droppings, dangerous temperatures and bare hands handling food are just a few of the set backs health inspectors found in local restaurants.

KLTV 7'S Annette Falconer runs down the list in tonight's Restaurant Reports.

Rib Masters in Whitehouse is the first on the list that didn't measure up during inspection. Inspectors noticed cigarette butts and an ash tray by a sink and a box of cigarettes on a shelf next to the sink. In the food prep area, there were no paper towels or soap next to the hand wash sink station. And pest control had to be called after old rodent droppings were found throughout the kitchen. Total demerits: 26.

La Hacienda off Highway 110 in Whitehouse had cooked taco meat discarded, after it was cooled down improperly. And a cup of coffee was found under the prep table next to the utensils. Total demerits: 20.

Employees at Polo's Grocery on Oakwood in Tyler were seen handling tortillas with their bare hands, and an expired pan of tamales was found.

Cooked rice, sliced tomatoes, milk, and chicken were just some of the items out of temperature. Total demerits: 19.

McDonalds on the south southwest loop 323 in Tyler had toxic chemical items stored next to food items. Apple pies were discarded after inspectors observed an employee's hair touching them. At a sink station, there were no paper towels to dry off hands after washing. Total demerits: 17.

And finally, H K Donuts off FM 2493 in Tyler, the kolaches were stored in bad temps..making the food potentially hazardous.  And no certified food manager was in sight. Total Demerits: 16.

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