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Preparing for the worst, before an emergency happens

(KLTV) - It's a matter of knowing what to do before the unexpected happens.

"Most people think that at the last minute they're going to be told to go an they're going to be running and that they'll have it all together but that fact is when you're under pressure to evacuate you don't really know what the right thing is to take with you," said Karen Takai, Pacific Northwest Team Two.

 "I went home and got my medication some important papers some clothes, but I couldn't everything I just got what I could," said Lauren Gallaugher, forced to evacuate home.

"My wife packed up pictures and collectibles and that kind of stuff and had it loaded up in the car," said Tom Pellett, forced to evacuate home.

Karen Takai says with the recent emergency evacuations in Texas caused by the wildfires,  a plan is not a suggestion, it's a necessity.

"Have your medicines, have phone numbers of people to call what happens if all of a sudden your infrastructure of your cell phone goes down, what are you going to be doing ," said Takai.

Having an emergency plan can also means making sure others are safe too.

"If you have anyone that's sick or disabled how are you going to handle that situation what if the fire is here and you're in another city working," said Takai.

Takai says having a well thought out plan will make it easier to react in a hectic situation.

"These are all the questions you need to be thinking about and resolving before the emergency happens because it's just too stressful when you don't know what's happening.

Takai says people should also pack for at least 72 hours, and have the emergency manager and American Red Cross phone numbers available.

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