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Devastation in Rhonesboro

RHONESBORO, TX (KLTV) - Nine families are staying with friends and family after a massive fire swept through their small community Tuesday night.

Robert Wells says there's nothing left of his parents house of 28 years.

"Gone just gone. Everything is gone. We're digging through stuff, finding a few things, but there's nothing left," said Wells.

Traveling with firefighters straight to where the head of the fire hit, it's evident the devastation has taken a toll on such a small community.

"Something of this magnitude is just unbelievable. I think everybody's walking around in shock. I mean even people driving by are amazed at the damage. So, it's pretty scary for a lot of people," said Wells.

"A good ten to fifteen years of my adult life was devoted to this place when my grandparents were alive. I literally put blood, sweat and tears into this place and it's gone. It's just gone. Nothing is left, said James Twilla.

James and Hannah Twilla say the fire took a piece of their family, their two small dogs, Sassy and Prancer, were trapped in the home.

"Prancer... I raised from the time he was three months old and he had just celebrated his 12th birthday July 4th," said Twilla.

As residents struggle to make sense of the devastation, they say they feel overwhelmed with feelings of sadness.

"I've lost family members, but I've never had a loss of this magnitude before," said Twilla.

To get to tomorrow, the Twillas focus on what they've found, their two cats. And for the Wells, pieces of their mother's doll collection. The first signs of recovery and hope.

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