New Computer Virus Hits East Texas

A new type of computer virus has been popping up right here in East Texas, and it's got the potential to wipe out your computer. Local computer technician Shaun Black saw it for the first time here a few days ago. He calls it a "Spyrus" because it loads itself through downloads and add-ons called "Spyware". While normal "Spyware" tracks your internet movements for advertising purposes, the Spyrus infects your computer like a virus. Trouble is, common anti-virus software is not detecting it.
"This has the characteristics of both but scanning for either, neither type of software will find them....even if you know what's affecting your computer you can't fix it," said Shaun D. Black, PhD. Black says there are a few things you can do to help keep your computer safe like keeping up with the most current version of your anti-virus software and having a firewall installed. Also stay away from free downloads and only add things onto your computer from companies you trust.

Chris Gibson, reporting