Police Chase Spans Two Counties, Officer and Citizen Injured

Police say the 29-year-old suspect used false identification when he tried to buy a four-wheeler at a Longview business. When officers arrived, he fled.

Heading down Highway 31 west toward Tyler. Police say he exceeded the speed limit and drove recklessly.

Then when he turned North on FM 2908. He rammed a DPS unit, and ran a Smith County Sheriff's Deputy off the road. The chase ended near FM 2767, when the suspect crashed his car.

Then the driver tried running from the police, but he didn't get far. Police say he'll be charged with assault on a police officer, evading arrest, and possibly other felonies.

Constable Bill Echart, Gregg County: "He was passing in a construction area on [Highway] 31, running off the road. He's a danger, he's as much a danger as if he was running around with a gun threatening to shoot people."

Another Smith County deputy's unit ran into a stopped pickup truck during the chase. The woman driving the truck was taken to a Tyler hospital complaining of neck pain. But no one was seriously injured.