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Fire, a natural occurrence

(KLTV) - With the amount of fires that have been flaring up around East Texas we talked to officials about what we can do to help.

One expert says the fires are just part of nature and it's just a matter of securing your home and learning to adapt to nature.

"Since the beginning of time fire has just been part of the landscape and as communities move in to these rural areas a little bit more we have grass vegetation where fire is not being allowed to go back into that landscape," said Karen Takai, Pacific Northwest Team Two.

Takai says while 70% of the fires in East Texas have been caused by human error, fire is still a natural occurrence.

"As we move into that landscape we need to be moving some of that around our areas because fire is going to come here it's a natural thing," said Takai.

When you live in an area like East Texas, where trees can be seen for miles, Takai says it's important adapt and stay proactive around your property.

"They need to remove anything that is flammable and that's cutting the grasses down get rid of the trees that are dried out or dead," said Takai.

Another suggestion, clearing leaves and pine needles from your property.

Kenneth pace says staying proactive is what saved his home.

Pace says he dug a plow line around his property and hooked a water tank to his ATV just in case.

When his car caught fire this week he was able to help contain the fire while firefighters were en route to his home.

"We saved all the buildings the fire only burned up a couple of trees," said Kenneth Pace, saved his home.

"The vegetation is just explosive at this point all you need is one ember or one spark to get that fire going," said Takai.

Takai says keeping your property clear of anything flammable should become a regular chore, like cutting the grass.

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