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Doctors successfully separate conjoined twins

(WMC-TV) – Doctors at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital have successfully separated a set of conjoined twins, a hospital spokesperson said Tuesday.

The surgery, which took place on August 29, is being called the most complex case in the hospital's 59-year history.

The twins, who were born in Memphis, were connected at the pelvis and lower spine.  Doctors worked for 13 hours to separate the babies.

"They had to carefully separate the common areas of the spine and the pelvis," said Dr. Roy Bors-Koefoed.

Bors-Koefed did not participate in the surgery but specializes in high-risk obstetrics at Mid-South Maternal Fetal Medicine.

He knows how rarely conjoined twins survive post surgery.

"How many organs are in common and what organs are in common will depend on whether they can be separated successfully where you can save both individuals," said Bors-Koefoed.

LeBonheur released an MRI scan of the twins pre-surgery on Tuesday. Bors-Koefoed said the twins definitely beat the odds because they were conjoined and because they are boys.

"It seems there are more male conjoined twins that are conceived," he said.  "But female conjoined twins survive much better than males."

He said it is possible the twins will live relatively normal lives.

The hospital has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. to release additional details about the twins.

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