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Theft suspect caught on surveillance camera

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Police need your help to track down a man they say is racking up a lot of charges on stolen credit and debit cards. KLTV 7 News has obtained surveillance video of one of those crimes.

Police say the suspect seen on the surveillance video burglarized at least five people and broke into several cars.

"He went up to a residence in the nighttime and broke into both of their vehicles in their driveway," said Sgt. Chad McElyea with Lindale Police Department.

In just three weeks, police say their suspect spent thousands of stolen dollars.

"What they're doing is they're breaking into cars, taking debit cards and using these cards at gas stations, retail stores, fast food and usually after a day or two of use they stop and obviously they hit another car and do it again," said McElyea.

The latest image of their suspect was captured on a surveillance camera at a Winona beer store on Sunday. You can barely tell from the video, but McElyea says there were others in the SUV. He says police believe their suspect isn't working alone.

"For the fact that some of the gas receipts that we've got from where the charges are made at the gas station here, there were three times within just a matter of minutes ,so it looks like they're filling up more than one car," said McElyea.

Police say they've spotted the thief at two different drive-thru car washes, using a stolen card to clean his SUV. They hope to catch him before another innocent person is victimized.

"Possibly somebody will know who it is and they contact us, Winona or Van and it'll lead us to the arrest," said McElyea.

Police say the thief is wanted in Winona, Van and Lindale. If you have information, call police immediately.

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