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Better East Texas: Stop and Remember

By Pat Stacey

The tenth anniversary of the September eleventh attacks is here this Sunday. 

The United States Senate has passed a resolution calling for all Americans to pause for 1 minute at noon on Sunday.  Simply stop what you are doing and for one minute remain silent, remembering intently the events of ten years ago. 

Remember the thousands of innocent Americans in those 4 planes and in the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.  Remember the first responders who lost their life charging to save others and remember our country and how we have been affected in the ten years since the attack. 

Remember too the motivation to give blood, give time in community service and give thanks in prayer.  Can America come together again to remember, for one minute, a day that changed our country forever? 

There will be a lot of special programming this week and the hope is that we will pause and remember.  There are on-line resources as well that can help educate and remind all of us of the impact of these heinous actions. 

If you need more information on the Senate resolution, we have a link on our website or you can search – Stop and Remember.  The resolution asks that church bells and sirens be rung to commemorate this anniversary. 

So plan to pause at noon on Sunday as our nation remembers.  It will strengthen our resolve as a national family and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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