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11/29/03 - East Texas

Shopping for the "Perfect" Christmas Tree

If you don't have an artificial tree to pull down from the attic, you might have to go hunt down the perfect tree. While we were at it, we found some new trends in tree shopping.

Shopper Stephanie Talbot says she likes "fat ones and full ones. My husband likes skinny ones. But I got the fat one."

Everyone has their own idea of the "perfect" tree.

For Janet Williams, "it border-lines between the skinny and the fat. It's not real rounded, but just kind of right in the middle."

For most people shopping, it's not just about buying a Christmas tree. It's a day-long family affair. In fact, every family we talked to drove quite a few hours just to get to Trail Creek Farm in Lindale.

"We've been coming here for about 10-15 years. It's a yearly tradition with us," said Talbot.

"We actually did this as a family tradition, even though we have an artificial tree at home that could go in the corner," said Williams.

And today, it seemed like the women were making the decisions.

The economy may not be booming, but tree shoppers don't seem to mind. Most people are going all out, buying the biggest trees at the farm, which will cost you around 100 dollars.

"Right after September 11th was our first season to own this farm, and we thought 'Oh, no, what a great time to be buying a property.' But people came out and they bought a lot of smaller trees. This year, so far, in two days, they've just been buying 11- and 12-foot trees," said owner Dana Hatch.5]

Most of these North Texas folks seem to like East Texas trees. And Trail Creek Farm has more than 10,000 of them with plenty of shapes and sizes for almost anyone's taste. Christmas trees at the farm run anywhere from $3 to $9 per foot. The owners of Trail Creek say they expect next weekend to be even busier, so if you're planning to buy a tree, you might want to beat the rush.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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