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11/28/03 - Tyler

"Black Friday"; A Shopper's Nightmare

It was crazy at the stores, where shoppers sometimes jostled each other to get to the gifts they need.

"You know, they've been pretty nice, except some lady called another a name," says one shopper.

Ah, 'tis the season for shopping stress. Everyone has tunnel vision, and their radar guided shopping carts making a bee line to the goal. But it's not easy sailing.

"You have to watch your basket. Anything you get, you can't turn away from it for a minute. They'll grab it," says Paul Spencer. 

It doesn't take a mathmetician to realize that this Friday's frenzy is directly related to how many people are on your shopping list.  So for the frenetic, it's teamwork.  But others don't think they'll need a shopping cart, and are left with their hands, and arms, full.

"Why didn't you get a shopping cart?" asks the reporter.  "I had a shopping cart, and couldn't find anything I wanted, so I gave it away to somebody that needed one, then I found everything I wanted. It was just in the wrong place," says Paul Starks.

There's nice and then there's practical. "I knocked an old lady down. No, I'm kidding," says Angela Farek, who is loading up a toy horse.

"So, they asked for a pony and you got them one?" asks reporter.  "Yes, but they asked for the real thing. But this one's close enough, he's a really good size."

Next time, they'll bring an even bigger sleigh. 

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